Junior School

Illustration of Kinder by Madeline, Year 1, 2021.

Welcome to St Michael’s Collegiate Junior School

The early years of schooling are such a special and important time in a child’s life. It is a time of enormous development and learning, and our teachers are there to support student success every step of the way. Committed to ongoing professional learning and growth, and keeping abreast of the latest educational practices, our teachers take their responsibilities for guiding our students through their Junior School years seriously.

Junior School students posing on play equipment

Our holistic curriculum is designed to support the academic, spiritual, physical and social development of each child.

The class Mentor teaches core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, and ensures the pastoral care of each student. This is extended by specialist teaching of Chinese, Faith and Life, Music, Art, Physical Education and Outdoor Education.

We have a restorative approach to pastoral care, and always search for positive outcomes to promote engaging learning environments in which children can thrive.

Safe, happy learning environments mean productive and creative students and teachers, and this is a highly valued aspect of our school. Our expansive but cosy Anglesea Village campus provides a unique environment that encourages enquiry, play and creativity.

“I invite you to come and see for yourself the blend of people, place, tradition and innovation that makes Collegiate such a special place.”

Principal Dr Adam Forsyth

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Each student has a classroom teacher (called a mentor) who focuses on the student’s wellbeing and ensures individuals are known, cared for and connected to our learning community. The first point of contact for parents is the class mentor. We see education as a partnership between home and school.

House System

New students are assigned to one of our eight Houses, each of which has its own identity and House spirit. There are House activities, as well as inter House competitions throughout the year. Being an active House member ensures students enjoy a sense of fun, belonging and purpose within the larger group.


Life Skills, Altruism, Understanding,
Nourishment of Self, Community and Heart

The Collegiate student care system is supported by robust research and a depth of experience and knowledge about the development and education of young people.

Our LAUNCH program is designed
to provide students with the ability to successfully navigate the highs and lows of life, learn about themselves and serve others.

Experiential Learning and Sports

Our dynamic experiential learning programs bring learning to life through experience, reflection and action.

Through areas of outdoor, project-based, service and global learning, students at Collegiate are exposed to immersive practical opportunities that embody the School vision “to empower every student to embrace the fullness of life.”

Sport at Collegiate is all about having fun and trying something new. We offer a variety of sports in our program each term, competing in school competitions or just improving skills and techniques from our professional coaches.

Our students have a lot of fun learning and competing together and this is reflected in the way they play. There’s a wonderful culture of commitment to sport in the Junior School, and we are delighted with the mass participation in our Junior sports program – it’s a sea of red and white on the oval each lunchtime.

Student posing with Hockey Stick

Junior School Snapshots

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Our Outside Classroom

Kindergarten students look forward to our twice-a-week visits to our outside classroom at the South Hobart Rivulet. With so many opportunities to learn, discover and inquire from this rich natural environment, our students are so lucky to have such an awesome resource at their backdoor.

New Art Space

Our Kindergarten students have been decorating our new Art space. The students were exploring colour, line and shape, and painted onto Perspex panels that were then attached to our windows.