Our Curriculum

Years 5 and 6 Curriculum

Core Subjects

Business and Economics
Civic and Citizenship
Design Technology (Food and Textiles)
Digital Technology
Faith and Life
Health and Physical Education
Instrumental Program
Languages (French and Chinese)
Studio Art

Years 7 and 8 Curriculum

Core Subjects

Business and Economics
Civic and Citizenship
Digital Technology
Faith and Life
Heath and Physical Education History
Languages (French or Chinese) Mathematics

Year 7 Electives

Curriculum Skills Dance
Design in Textiles Drama
Studio Art

Year 8 Electives

Arts Enterprise Coaching and Leadership Creative Writing Curriculum Skills
Design in Textiles Drama
Food Technology
Marine Encounters Music
Project-Based Learning School of Performing Arts Set for the Screen Studio Art
The Global Citizen

Years 9 and 10 Curriculum

A challenging core academic program covering English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Religion and Philosophy and Health and Physical Education is offered. All subjects follow, and are assessed against, the Australian Curriculum.

The elective subject program is combined in Years 9 and 10. Students can choose an individual learning program over the two years depending on their interests and strengths. This ensures that different types of learning experiences are available for all students.

The elective program includes:
• Languages (Chinese and French)
• Expressive Arts including Music, Dance, Drama, Textiles, Art and Graphic Design
• Integrated subjects combining two or more faculties across many subject areas
• STEAM/STEM learning opportunities
• More in-depth and focused learning in a subject area
• Project-based learning opportunities where students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and pursue individual learning programs.

Core Subjects Year 9 and 10

Health and Physical Education
Religion and Philosophy

Elective Subjects Year 9 and 10

Anatomy, Physiology in Sport Science Testing
Arts Enterprise
Athlete Development and Nutrition for Sport
Coaching Development
Collegiate Café
Criminal Minds – Available to Year 10 and as a Year 9 Extension subject
Curriculum Skills
Dance and Choreography
Design in Textiles
EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support
Enterprise in Business
Food, Art and the Senses
From Activism to Action – Available to Year 10 and as a Year 9 Extension subject
Global Online Academy (GOA) – Available to Year 10 and as a Year 9 Extension subject
Graphic and Digital Design
Interior Design
Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics and Wellbeing – Available to Year 10 and as a Year 9 Extension subject
Law and Politics
Marine Environments
Mathematics Methods – Available to Year 10 only
Media and Animation Design
Paddock to Plate Ethical Food Choices
Pathways to Work
Project-Based Learning: Fusion
Real Lens
Science Project
Set for Screen
STEAM Object Design
STEM App Design
Studies in Ancient and Medieval History
Studio Arts
The School of Performing Arts (SPA)
The World of Cinema
Work Studies

Years 11 and 12 Curriculum

Our aim is for all Collegiate students to leave school with the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). We provide opportunities for all students to attain the certification by achieving the necessary standards as outlined by the Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification (TASC).

Collegiate students in Years 11 and 12 can access:
• Level 2, 3 and 4 TASC accredited subjects on campus
• Further subject opportunities at The Hutchins School, our brother school
• VET opportunities and personalised school-based traineeships
• Subjects offered through the UTAS Connections Program
• Individual pathway planning and counselling for options after Year 12.

Year 11 and Year 12 Subjects

(cp) = TCE Credit Points

Non Pre-Tertiary

Business Studies – Foundation 2 (15 cp)
Chinese – Foundation (15 cp)
Community Sport and Recreation 2 (15 cp)
Computer Applications (5 cp) (Hutchins)
Computer Graphics & Design Foundation 2 (15 cp)
Dance 2 (15 cp)
Design and Production – Metal 2 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Design and Production – Textiles 2 (15 cp)
Design and Production – Wood 2 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Drama Foundations 2 (15 cp)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect 2 (15 cp)
English Foundation 2 (15cp)
French Foundation (15 cp)
Futures, Finance and Fitness (15 cp)
General Mathematics Foundation 2 (15 cp)
Life Sciences 2 (15 cp)
Music Studies 2 (15 cp)
Pathways to Work 1 (15 cp)
Physical Sciences Foundation 2 (15 cp)
Technical Theatre Production 2 (15 cp)
Visual Art 2 (15 cp)
Working with Children 2 (15 cp)
Workplace Mathematics 2 (15 cp)

Vocational Educational and Training Courses

Certificate I in Hospitality
Certificate III in Fitness (Hutchins)
Certificate I in Cookery (Hutchins)


Accounting 3 (15 cp)
Ancient History 3 (15 cp)
Art Production 3 (15 cp)
Art Studio Practice 3 (15 cp)
Asian Studies (UTAS)
Australia in Asia and the Pacific 3 (15 cp)
Biology 3 (15 cp)
Business Studies 3 (15 cp)
Chemistry 4 (15 cp) – Year 12 only
Chinese 3 (15 cp)
Chinese 3 (Background Speakers) (15 cp)
Computer Graphics and Design 3 (15 cp)
Computer Science 3 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Dance Choreography and Performance 3 (15 cp)
Drama 3 (15 cp)
Economics 3 (15 cp)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect 3 (15 cp)
English 3 (15 cp)
English Literature 3 (15 cp)
English Writing 3 (15 cp)
Environmental Science 3 (15 cp)
First Nations Studies 3 (15 cp)
Food and Nutrition 3 (15 cp)
Foundation Practical Study Music FCP110 (UTAS)
French 3 (15 cp)
General Mathematics 3 (15 cp)
Geography 3 (15 cp)
Health Studies 3 (15 cp)
Housing and Design 3 (15 cp)
Information Systems and Digital Technologies 3 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Latin (15 cp)
Legal Studies 3 (15 cp)
Mathematics Methods Foundation 3 (15 cp)
Mathematics Methods 4 (15 cp)
Mathematics Specialised 4 (15 cp) – Year 12 only
Media Production 3 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Modern History 3 (15 cp)
Music 3 (15 cp)
Music Technology Projects 3 (15 cp) (Hutchins)
Object Design (UTAS)
Outdoor Leadership 3 (15 cp)
Philosophy 3 (15 cp)
Physical Sciences 3 (15 cp)
Physics 4 (15 cp) – Year 12 only
Psychology 3 (15 cp)
Sociology 3 (15 cp)
Sport Science 3 (15 cp)
Studies of Religion 3 (15 cp)
Theatre Performance 3 (15 cp)