Visitors to St Michael's Collegiate often comment that they can sense something special. Sometimes they remark on the confidence of the students, sometimes it's their energy but most often it's the strong relationships that are evident within the School. Discovering the difference that the right school can make for your daughter is what makes being part of the Collegiate community so special.

Established in 1892, Collegiate is an Early Learning to Year 12 Anglican day and boarding school for girls. For over 125 years, young women have been part of a strong community celebrated for its rich blend of academic excellence, sporting achievements, creative arts and cocurricular activities. Collegiate provides a world-class education in a city known for its scenic beauty, safe environment, fresh air and friendly people.

Girls' education is a specialised field and Collegiate is a leader in its commitment to pathways for young women. The School is renowned for delivering a contemporary education which provides each girl with the inspiration and energy to find her own niche. Specialised guidance and opportunities help each young woman to build the skills and confidence required to build a foundation for life.

Collegiate has a well-earned reputation for academic excellence - a result of the remarkable teaching and learning framework that challenges our students to be forward thinkers and problem solvers. Our curriculum reaches far beyond academia to include a unique blend of artistic, sporting and outdoor educational experiences which combine to develop self-belief, leadership, courage, integrity and compassion in our students.

Our campuses

Collegiate offers a three-campus structure to best cater to students as they progress through different developmental stages.

Junior School

Our Junior School has a warm community village feel and is designed specifically to support the needs of girls from the Early Learning Years through to Year 4. The Junior School is full of excitement as each girl starts her own learning adventure and begins to form lifelong friendships.

Middle School

From Years 5 to 8, Collegiate students move into the Middle School campus where they learn and gain further independence and responsibilities as they journey towards adolescence. The Middle School is rich in its support network as girls transition through this special time in their lives. It is in this environment that girls begin to take responsibility for their own personal growth.

Senior School

Collegiate's Senior School delivers outstanding facilities and support for young women in Years 9 to 12. Students are encouraged to explore a myriad of pathways for the future. Each young woman is mentored towards attaining her personal best and is empowered to grasp every opportunity.

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