Our Staff

Adam Forsyth


Adrienne Eberhard

EDGE Teacher

Adrian Ransley

Network and Systems Administrator

Ali Richardson

Performing Arts

Alison Gallahar

Teacher Assistant

Amelia Hallam

Early Learning Educator

Andrew Robinson

Year 6 Teacher

Andrew Jones

Head of Science

Angela Hade Harris

Year 4 Mentor and Junior School Curriculum Coordinator

Annie Gallacher

Senior School Sports Administrator

Anna Abela

Digital Projects Coordinator

Anna Sargent

Sports Administrator

Annie Oates

Junior School Office Administrator and Personal Assistant to the Head of Junior School

Anouk Harding

HR Coordinator

Archie Boughton

Ashton King

Ashton King

Teacher Assistant

Bindi Wood

Food and Beverage attendant

Bree Dick

Year 2 Mentor

Bree Taylor

Expressive Arts Teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator of Year 7

Brian Jones

Campus Manager

Cally Field

Early Learning Educator

Camilla Jeffrey

Carolyn Gordon

Years 5 / 6 Coordinator, Teacher of English and Humanities

Caryn Shield

Humanities Teacher

Casey Norton

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Chris Jones

Teacher Assistant Kindergarten

Claire Bent

Teacher of Food Technology, Dundas House Dean and Year 11 Mentor

Claire Liu

Early Learning

Courtney Blyth

Year 8 Mentor, Rowing Coordinator, Maths and Science Teacher

Craig Adams

French / EAL (MS) / Year 10 Mentor

Damien French

Facilities & Grounds person

Daniel Webb

Maths and Science Teacher

David Bird

Director of Music (Performance)

Deb Williamson

Deputy Principal

Debbie Betts

Data Management Administrator

Debbie Kelly

Middle and Senior School Enrolments Officer

Deborah French

Executive Assistant to The Principal

Dee Gunarathne

Economics Teacher

Domo Hsu

Early Childhood Educator

Doris Xiang

Chinese Teacher

Ebony Lawless

Senior Technical Officer

Ed Mackey

Faith and Life and Humanities Teacher, Year 7 Mentor

Elaine Burn

Year 6 Teacher

Elspeth Clifford

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal

Emily Dyson

Dean of Kilburn / Year 11 Mentor

Emily Lukianenko

Head of Enrolments

Emily Wilson

Prep Mentor

Erin Newton

Erin Newton

Middle and Senior School Administrative Assistant

Fergus Leicester

Chief Operating Officer

Fiona Witcomb

Fiona Witcomb


Gary Clark

Bus Driver & Maintenance

Genevieve Walsh

Kindergarten Teacher

Georgina Allanby

Teacher Assistant

Grace Gao

Boarding House Supervisor

Glenn Carmichael

Dean of Monty / Year 12 Mentor, Acting Head of Faculty

Hana Moran

Teacher Assistant (JS / MS)

Hania Watt

Facilities & Groundsperson

Hannah Beven

Boarding Supervisor and Teacher Assistant

Hannah Fazackerley

Year 3 Mentor

Hannah Ibbott

Junior School Teacher and Library

Harriet Links

Junior School HPE, Outdoor Education Coordinator

Irena Jakob

Digital & Information Literacy Officer

Isabel Johnson

Teacher of Mathematics and Science

Janeen Merchant

Director of Academic Learning and Student Programs

Janine Birchall

Room Leader

Janine Jackson

Early Childhood Educator

Jason Sun

ICT Support Officer

Jenay Rippon

Sports Administrator

Jenny Jones

Head of Humanities

Jill Pope

Accounts Payable Clerk

Joanna Longbottom

Teacher of English and Humanities

John Robertson

Laboratory Technician

John Toms

Bus Driver / Maintenance

Jon Williams

Jon Williams

Year 9 Mentor and Maths Teacher 

Julie Rival

Kitchen Assistant

Julie Smith

EDGE Support (JS)

Justine Krueger

Maths and Science Teacher

Kate Boughton, School Chaplin

Kate Boughton


Kate Brown

Teacher Assistant

Kate Murphy

EDGE Learning Support Coordinator (JS)

Katharine Burke

Art Teacher

Kathleen O’Leary

Mathematics, Digital Technologies and Science Teacher

Katie Walker

Year Level Coordinator 9 / 10, Teacher of English and Humanities

Katrina Blaubaum

Teacher of Health and Physical Education, Dean of Mitchell House, Year Level Coordinator – Year 9

Katrina Denton

Teacher Assistant

Karen Whelan

Food and Beverage Attendant

Kelsey Latham

ICT Trainee

Kirsten Viney

Teacher of Humanities and English, Dean of Stevens House, Year 11 Mentor

Lana Young

Teacher Assistant

Lance Coad

Head of Mathematics

Laree Thorsby

Teacher Assistant

Laure Despland

Mathematics and Science Teacher

Lauren Sime

Chef Manager

Lauren Weeks

Early Learning Centre Room Leader

Lisa Burnett

Lisa Burnett


Lisa Sutherland

Academic Administrator

Liz Harper

Liz Harper

Dean of Rivers / Year 10 Mentor

Liz Rogowski

Early Learning Centre and Outside School Hours Care Educator

Linda Bonnitcha

Educational Counsellor

Linda Van Coller

Teacher Assistant

Lou Waterworth

Manager Early Learning Centre, Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care

Louise Bloomfield

Head of Expressive Arts and Year 9 Mentor

Louise Bodycoat

Year 2 Mentor and Junior School House Coordinator (Rivers/Stevens)

Madeline Hill

Teacher Assistant

Maddie Tindall

Accounts Payable Clerk

Mary Thomas

Year 8 Mentor

Mary-Jane Watkins

Teacher Assistant

Mandy Stroebel

Legal Studies Teacher

Maxine Antolli

Music Teacher

Meg Johnson

Year 6 Mentor

Melissa Cuthbertson

English Teacher

Michael Berry

Humanities and Year 12 Mentor

Michael Fracalossi

Chemistry Teacher

Michael Gotowski


Michaela Guest

Marine/Experiential Learning Teacher

Michael Steedman-Cross

Year 11 Coordinator

Mika Browning

Director of Boarding

Missy Fenney-Walch

Early Learning Educator

Monique Nogajski

Year 5 Mentor

Naomi Spakman

Educational Leader

Nell Rundle

Digital and Information Literacy Coordinator

Nichole Marr

Chinese Teacher

Nichole Smith

Performing Arts

Nicole Geeves

Teacher of Middle School Health and Physical Education and Fitness Experiences, Year 7 Mentor, Dean of McPhee House

Nicole Tuck

Teacher of Sport Science, Health and Physical Education; Reibey House Dean; Year 9 Mentor

Nicole Young


Nicole Wang

Early Learning Centre

Nisha Khatri


Olivia Canning

Early Learning Educator

Oliver Cozens

Year 4 Teacher


Boarding House Dog

Pip Banks-Smith

Year 6 Teacher

Rachel Brennemo

Pool Facilitator

Raj Bhattarai

ICT Service Support Officer

Rebecca Wallbank

Prep Mentor

Rebecca Gough

Assistant Chaplain Faith and Life Junior School

Richard Stebbing

IT Application Support Analyst

Robert Everingham


Rodney Wiggins

Head of Junior and Middle School

Rose Moore

Year 1 Mentor

Roseanne Lette

Year 6 Teacher

Ruby Bayley

After School Care

Sally Thomas


Sally Porter

Kindergarten Teacher

Samantha Riley

Year 5

Sandra Pennington

EDGE Learning Support Coordinator

Sandy Rogers

Year 3 Mentor, Junior School Pastoral Care Coordinator, Junior School Kilburn/Mitchell House Coordinator

Sharon Jenkins

Food Studies Assistant

Sharon Scott

Head of the HPE Faculty, teaching Health and Physical Education in the Middle and Senior School, Year 11/12 Health Studies and Year 9 Mentor.

Sheila Curtain


Shellyanne Kleywegt

Teaching Assistant

Simon Harder

Outdoor Education Coordinator

Simon Rush

PAC Technician

Stefanie Daffara

HPE / Year 8 Mentor

Steve Viney

Bus Coordinator

Sue Short

Art Aide

Susan Foskett

Early Learning Centre

Sunita Shrestha

Food and Beverage attendant

Suzie Han

Head of Senior School; Year Level Coordinator of Year 12

Tanya Drumm

Middle School Office Administrator, Personal Assistant to the Head of Middle School

Tim Innes-Brown

Director of ICT

Todd Blackhall

Director of Experiential Learning

Toni Byers

French Teacher

Tovia Kao

Early Learning Centre

Tristan Gardner

Teacher Assistant

Vivienne Marlow

Personal Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

Wendy Evans

Accounts Receivable

William Maby

Maths / Science / Year 8 Mentor

William Simon

Head of the Facilities of English and Languages

Zoe Kemp

Junior School Music Teacher