Student Care and Future Pathways

St Michael’s Collegiate has been recognised by Mental Health First Aid Australia as a Skilled workplace. This recognises our commitment to training our staff to proactively support the mental health of our students and staff members. We are extremely proud of this achievement.

Through this process we have a solid understanding of mental health and mental illness. Where needed, we refer families to mental health professionals, so they receive continuous support and stability throughout their schooling and afterwards.

Mental Health First Aid Australia Recognition Workplace Certificate

Mrs Bonnitcha is the kindest and most helpful person there is. One aspect of her role is Careers Counsellor, which is extremely helpful for all girls studying at Collegiate, because, depending on what you want to do after school, she is able to help you find all the necessary information and resources in order to help you achieve your dreams. She is also the Counsellor at School and I personally see her when I’m upset or just need someone to talk to. Her advice is amazing and there is a total no judgement when talking to her.


We establish positive behaviour and build rapport with our students early on in their journey at Collegiate. We strive to understand the relationship between each individual student’s study, future pathways and wellbeing and aim to strengthen their mental health through effective career development.

Every student is different. We tailor career development to individuals and allow students the required space to define their own needs. We conduct personal interviews with each student and engage with their Mentor groups and families, to get a comprehensive picture.

The most effective way of teaching individuals is by teaching them to manage their own future. We ensure that students are linked up with professionals in their areas of interest, through work experience programs and school visits from workplaces and industry professionals. We stay up to date with accurate and detailed information about opportunities relevant to them.

Continually building partnerships with academics, in and outside of the School, ensures all our staff share and have access to the correct information. This gives students more than one resource, which continues to empower them to take their future into their own hands.


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Maci, a Year 12 student has received an Excellence Scholarship at Bond University for 2021

Student recipient of Excellence Scholarship at Bond University for 2021

Maci, a Year 12 student has received an Excellence Scholarship at Bond University for 2021 based on her academic achievements. She will start the Bachelor of Exercise Science in January. Congratulations!

Isabella at Agfest

Our Year 10 student, Isabella Corbin, can be spotted at AgFest working with the Rotorlift Aviation Crew. She’s currently completing a Flying Aviation Diploma with plans to become a pilot!