Experiential Learning

Our Experiential Learning programs at Collegiate bring learning to life through experience, reflection and action. Often explained as ‘learning by doing’, experiential learning happens when students can connect and integrate the experiences they have in the classroom to problems and contexts within their communities, locally and globally.

We are developing world-class learning experiences that reflect young people’s current learning needs and life opportunities, and that promote collaboration, communication, leadership and teamwork. With a learner-centred approach, our students are prepared for the fast-paced and technology-rich workplaces of their future.

Through the following four elements of Experiential Learning, students at Collegiate are exposed to immersive learning opportunities that help them become lifelong learners, future leaders and exceptional citizens with a life of service and personal fulfilment.

Outdoor Learning

Starting in Year 3, students undertake a carefully designed and sequenced Outdoor Learning program offering place-based discovery and adventure-based challenges.

Students across the School undertake day trips and year level camps exploring the wonderful bush, alpine and coastal environments in National Parks and reserves across Tasmania. 

Outdoor Learning looks like: students walking an alpine track, taking water samples from a nearby creek, creating games during nature play, walking and swimming along a section of coast and riding mountain bikes along the tracks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Project Based Learning

This principle allows students to own, create and curate their learning experiences.  A rich elective offering includes a sequence of Project Based Learning courses from Year 5 to Year 10.  Students strive to develop a passion project, adopt a cause and develop a solution to a community or global issue.

Project Based Learning looks like: students working on self-directed projects individually or in teams, spread out in clusters across the top level of our IF Lab and meeting with community experts.

Global Learning

Collegiate strives to develop internationally minded learners with a global perspective that bridges borders. 

Global Learning occurs through collaborating on Service Learning acts, developing driving Project Based Learning questions and through understanding, respecting and celebrating humanity’s cultures, places and diversity. 

Global Learning looks like: students celebrating Lunar New Year, Harmony Day and Reconciliation Week, signing up for Earth Hour and developing a sustainable environmental management plan.

Lunar New Year Lion Dance

Service Learning

Service Learning helps students develop a sense of place and an awareness of their broader community.  Students contribute to both community and environmental organisations, developing care, empathy and a life of purpose.

Service Learning looks like: students out in the community making meals for the homeless, cleaning up marine debris on a beach, planting trees, visiting residents in an aged care facility and adopting a cause.


Attitude, Striving for Excellence, Personal Responsibility, Independence, Resilience and Respect, Experiencing Success

The innovative 9 ASPIRE program encompasses philosophy, academic, social and life experiences.

Based on the themes of exploration, expedition and service learning, ASPIRE encourages and develops Year 9 students’ natural instinct for adventure with a range of outdoor activities throughout the school year.

The goal is to promote exploration, development and growth of personal and social capabilities at this key stage of adolescent development.

Five, week-long experiences link key learnings from the curriculum and the LAUNCH program to real world circumstances.

10 Connect

Year 10 Connect is a bridge between 9 ASPIRE
and the exciting courses offered in Years 11 and 12.

Experiences in Year 10 are underpinned by an
enriching curriculum, innovative electives and the LAUNCH program, and enhance the opportunities enjoyed in 9 ASPIRE.

With more adventure, more service and more focus on the future, students undertake three specially designed weeks at key points across the year where they opt into a program of expedition, exploration, service, wellbeing, work experience and future planning.

Experiential Learning Snapshots

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Students on Peak of Mount Amos

Mount Amos Hike

An early hike this morning for 4 adventurous Year 10s to experience sunrise on top of Mount Amos, while on their Coastal Expedition.