We use the energy rippling through our school to ask
We develop creative and aware problem-solvers with innovative thinking, teaching and learning in a dedicated space.
Change is a constant for every generation and right now the possibilities, due to the pace of change and technological advances, are unparalleled. The IF Lab creates opportunities for our students to join exciting, creative, team-based projects to translate the abstract and theoretical into the real world.
The IF Lab supports a new way of learning to propose viable solutions, based on the use of technology.
As a global community, we face urgent challenges like climate change, environmental sustainability, human mobility, increasing digitisation, access to clean water and fresh food.
These constant challenges, combined with rapid global population growth, require innovative solutions that won’t be provided by traditional learning.

The IF Lab

The IF Lab’s doors are open for our students and the broader community to access: collaboration spaces, teaching and learning spaces, a digital fabrication laboratory with a bank of 3D printers, an augmented and virtual reality space, wet and dry laboratories, spaces for displaying and interacting with models, a greenhouse and even a platform for conducting gravity experiments.

Students will harness technology to enhance their coursework learning, as well as for opportunities outside of the school timetable. In the IF Lab, they will participate in projects exploring innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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Student videos

See what our students are looking forward to with the IF Lab.

The future is now. Thank you for bringing it to life.

Collegiate acknowledges the generous support of parents, Old Girls, staff and friends. Through their collective philanthropy, these individuals support our School’s inspirational learning environment. We thank all those who gave generously to the IF Lab’s capital development.

For information about supporting Collegiate please contact the Principal, Dr Adam Forsyth or the Deputy Principal, Mrs Debra Williamson on (03) 6211 4911 or email philanthropy@collegiate.tas.edu.au