Principal’s Letter


Learning from home is the new normal for thousands of Australian school students. To support this change, St Michael’s Collegiate School has rolled out a learning platform that will benefit students all over the world.

openCollegiate has been designed in partnership with Schoolbox to provide open access to a selection of Collegiate teaching and learning resources for students globally. Course material will range from 10-week blocks for a variety of subject areas and topics through to individual lessons. Through openCollegiate, the School is looking to support and grow a strong learning culture for all students who access the resource.

“We are fortunate to have outstanding teachers and IT staff at Collegiate who are positioning the school as an international leader in teaching and learning innovations by sharing of best practice,” said Collegiate principal Dr Adam Forsyth.

“This period of social distancing is important to protect our community, but we cannot allow time to pass without students being provided with the best possible learning opportunities. We are in a position to extend our offerings to the wider community and are delighted to be able to help students from other schools who are learning from home,” he said.

In 2019 St Michael’s Collegiate School became the first Australian school to be admitted as a member of the Global Online Academy (GOA) and our first students undertook a range of classes, delivered from all over the world, in 2020.

“Our students and teachers can access a range of resources and courses currently not available to any other school in Australia through our GOA membership. This is a tremendous asset and we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with students everywhere, irrespective of what school they attend,” Dr Forsyth said.

In addition to openCollegiate, Collegiate took ownership of their new leading-edge Innovative Futures Laboratory (IF Lab) in Term 2. The IF Lab provides flexible and technologically rich spaces to encourage cross-disciplinary thinking and project-based learning. It houses a digital fabrication laboratory, classrooms, collaboration spaces, wet and dry laboratories and display areas to showcase learning and artefacts, over three levels on the senior school campus. Community workshops and family-learning opportunities will be made available in the IF Lab. Meanwhile, the school is exploring ways for the wider community to engage with the IF Lab online.

“Feedback from our students and families about the online learning experience at Collegiate has been incredibly positive. We constantly seek input from our community to help us to improve and refine our offerings. With the expertise of our staff and a strong tradition of outstanding student achievements, we can confidently share our approach globally, as we know that what we’re offering works,” said Dr Forsyth.

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Dr Adam Forsyth

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