Year 9 Aspire

Our Year 9 ASPIRE program develops critical thinking, positive risk taking, independence, resilience, respect and a strong sense of community

Year 9 is a pivotal year in transition from adolescence to emerging adulthood. The Year 9 ASPIRE program provides a challenging yet safe and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to aspire to new goals. ASPIRE assists all Year 9 students in developing the skills to become independent, resilient and responsible global citizens. Girls have the opportunity to learn through self-directed projects, powerful group programs, community service activities and volunteering for community events, all of which give a wonderful richness to the Year 9 experience.

The program is based on three key themes – exploration, expedition and service-learning.


Exploration aims to awaken the sense of personal and group endeavour and pioneering spirit in our students.  These experiences seek to place the onus of discovery on the students to search and find information, access resources and participate in activities within a defined budget.


Expedition connects to activities that are mainly about journeying from one place to another by utilising individually inspired power and which provide a clear objective and destination.  The focus of the experience is on the day to day journey and the voyage of personal self-discovery.  These experiences are often more physically challenging.


Service-learning engages girls in meaningful and rewarding relationship-building with a number of local, inter-state and overseas communities.  These opportunities seek to offer a balance of formal instruction with opportunities to serve in the community in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience.  Through real life lessons students reflect on their service experiences in order to grow in character, problem-solving skills, and a better understanding of civic responsibility.  Service-learning gives our girls the ability to directly apply what they are learning in a way that makes a positive and significant difference to others.

In addition to the ASPIRE program, Year 9 students are also offered a rigorous academic program covering Faith and Life, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Health and Physical Education, Languages and the Arts, all underpinned by an experiential learning approach. In every subject students will be asked to reflect on what they know and what they can do, empowering them to enter Years 10 to 12 with an independent, responsible and resilient approach to learning.


Year 9 ASPIRE 2020

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Parent Handbook 2020

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