Student Leadership

Authentic opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow

Student Leadership

At St Michael’s Collegiate School we believe in developing strong women leaders for the future. We actively develop leadership capacity and capability within our students through exposure to strong female role modelling, a wide range of leadership development programs, and practical leadership experiences such as our buddy system, student committees and opportunities for service.

Our Year 12 students lead our learning community and act as Custodians of Wellbeing within the School. The Year 12 Prefects represent the student body through various leadership portfolios. These portfolios are: Head, Deputy Head, Academic, Adlatum (Student Representative Council), Senior Campus, Middle Campus, Junior Campus, Performing Arts, Spirituality, Social Awareness, Sport and House Prefects. In addition, there are various Sporting Captains positions in the School.


Service Learning

Community service at St Michael’s Collegiate is a powerful approach to teaching that provides students with authentic learning experiences in real-life, real-world contexts. Opportunities for community service are plentiful at Collegiate and we encourage girls at all levels to consider ways that they can help to contribute.

Girls may be involved in everything from raising money through individual and group activities for local charities, through to visiting the Solomon Islands to assist with education and building projects in villages. Each House group selects a charity to support through fundraising efforts and each year the Year 12 students nominate a charity of their choice to raise funds and awareness for.

Community service is an important component of a Collegiate education. It is an experience that provides the opportunity to give time and energy to a worthwhile cause and helps show students that they can make a difference in the lives of others through their individual efforts. We try to emphasise that the students look outward into the community and, in doing so, feel a great sense of achievement in helping and seeing life by looking beyond themselves.