Student Care

The happiness and wellbeing of our students is paramount

Student care at St Michael's Collegiate is centred around the balanced development of the whole person. An excellent pastoral care structure, quality relationships and sound academic care all contribute to our holistic approach.  All staff hold a genuine interest in the well-being of our students and are committed to enhancing their development with every interaction.

At Collegiate our values are embedded in all that we do and provide our framework for focusing on the developmental needs of every student in our care.  Our starting point is building positive relationships where all members of the community are committed to fostering a learning environment which is safe, caring and promotes emotional well being and learning.  It is the responsibility of everyone in our learning community to ensure this occurs.  All the experiences that we provide aim to result in positive learning outcomes.

At Collegiate student care involves Pastoral Care and Academic Care set within the provision of a whole of school planned learning experience which is underpinned by a broad set of common goals and purposes.


Pastoral Care refers to the climate of care and relationships in the School community.  It is the attention we give to the personal, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of all in our care.

Academic Care is the process of enhancing student learning and wellbeing through attention to developmental, situational and organisational mechanisms in and beyond the classroom.  It involves positive interactions/relationships with students and promoting students’ well-being by ensuring that academic structures and interactions are sympathetic to adolescent needs. Thus teachers are in a position to enhance the self-efficacy and wellbeing of the students in their care.


These selected statements from our comprehensive Mission Statement reflect our aims for Student Care:

  • We are a community of people who support each other in our work, beliefs and values.
  • Positive and safe relationships, based upon the inherent worth of all people, are valued in our community.
  • We respect all people, and model and teach behaviour that reflects our love for others.
  • We embrace optimism and hope, interdependence, forgiveness, social justice, honesty and ethical conduct.
  • We welcome students from around the world, and from all walks of life. We value different learning styles, strengths and needs. Our diversity contributes to our respect for difference and compassion for others, providing the basis for sound personal values. We seek to live our values, with integrity as our framework.

We respect all people, and model and teach behaviour that reflects our love for others. We embrace optimism and hope, interdependence, forgiveness, social justice, honesty and ethical conduct.

House System

There are eight Houses at Collegiate and each has its own identity, motto and colours. Several Houses are named in memory of people who have contributed to the School's history.  Students enter the House system in Year 5 and they are in the same House for the remainder of their school years. Houses meet every Friday from 1:15pm - 1:45pm for House activities and events. Being in a House gives opportunities for leadership and mixing with students from other year groups both socially and in friendly competition. Houses compete in activities such as Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, and House Performances.

Each House takes a special interest in a charitable organisation throughout the school year.  The students provide assistance to the charity through fundraising, providing service and raising awareness in the School community.  Some 20 organisations on average are supported during a 12 month period by the student body.

House Deans

In Middle and Senior School where the School day is more complex an extra measure of connectedness is provided through the House System. Each student is a member of a House and has a House Dean. The House Dean establishes and maintains the sense of connectedness for each student in their House through the management of the House Activities for students from Years 5 to 12.  The House Dean also supports the student House Leaders in performing their roles and is responsible for the student care of Year 9 to 12 students in their Mentor Group.

Relationships at Collegiate

To achieve effective and meaningful levels of pastoral care at Collegiate each student has a staff member who is the main contact point between home and the School. In the Junior School this person is the class teacher, in the Middle School they are the Pastoral Contact and in the Senior School they are the House Mentor. These staff members build the rapport necessary for providing pastoral support for the students for whom they are responsible.


As an extension of the Student Care offered by all staff, The Head of Junior School, the Head of Middle School, Head of Senior School, the Chaplain, the Deputy Principal and the Principal are also all involved in student counselling.  For students with particular needs a Child and Adolescent Psychologist is readily available.




The most valuable thing I learned at Collegiate was to follow my heart and choose a career in a field I enjoyed. It was a nurturing and supportive environment.

Anna Pooley
Wine Society, Young Wine Maker of the Year 2010

The education I received at Collegiate was one of variety, intensity and depth. It was a fantastic foundation of skills I draw on every day.

Mel Irons
State finalist, Young Australian of the Year 2014

I learned so much from Collegiate: the importance of balancing technical knowledge with communication skills and physical fitness, to work exceptionally hard, to go the extra kilometre, to never give up.

Jane Sargison
Rhodes Scholar 1998, Professional Engineer of the Year 2011

My girls respect and value the role of all people and continue to have a diverse range of teachers supporting their learning and other experiences within the school. I want them to be good people.

Lewina Schrale
Parent and Collegiate teacher

St Michael’s Collegiate School promotes choice in offering extraordinary Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and extracurricular programs. The students are encouraged to extend and challenge themselves, and to take risks.

Lewina Schrale
Parent and Collegiate teacher