International Education

Expanding horizons through a global perspective

Student Exchanges

St Michael's Collegiate has developed a wide range of student exchange opportunities in Australia and around the world. Collegiate’s International Exchange program empowers the aims of the 9 ASPIRE program by promoting independence, responsibility, resilience and adaptability.  Girls travel internationally usually in a small group, or, on rare occasions, individually.

Students are invited apply for the Year 9 Exchanges in Week 6, Term 3 of Year 8, and the Year 10 Exchanges in Week 6, Term 3 of Year 9.  Girls who are unsuccessful in their application for Year 9 Exchanges are encouraged to resubmit their application for Year 10 Exchanges.  The application process consists of a written application form, an interview and a reference which is obtained from the applicant’s Mentor.   The Exchange Program is coordinated by the International Exchange Coordinator.

The dates for the different exchange opportunities are negotiated with the partner schools, usually during Term 4, although this can sometimes extend well into the following year.

Whilst every effort will be made to place girls in the school of their choice, places are dependent on the number of applicants from our partner schools.  As such girls should apply for exchanges with flexibility in mind.

Typical costs include a $100.00 application fee, Working with Children registration, cost of the return airfare, insurance, spending money, visas where necessary, and the cost of hosting an exchange student in your family for the duration of the exchange period.

Most exchanges are for a period of six weeks and each presents its own unique opportunities.

Each exchange student will live with a family or in a boarding house in another state or country and attend the local school. This provides each exchange student with experiences that are very different from being a tourist on holiday. Exchange students will adopt a new family and a new way of life, which will encourage students to further develop their self-confidence, independence and resilience, while expanding views of other cultures, giving each student the skills to become a global citizen of the world. Unique and exciting learning experiences are just the beginning, and going on an exchange program will give students great travel opportunities and a change to gain international friendships for life.

Exchanges are common with the following schools:

Woodbridge, England

St Margaret’s, New Zealand

St Mildred’s, Canada

St Stephen’s, Hong Kong

Owada School, Japan

Ethel Walker School, USA

Laukaan Lukio, Finland

Liceo Foscarini, Venice

Havergal, Canada

Other International Opportunities

Our School community is committed to being internationally-minded by understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms, and by respecting and celebrating this diversity in order to foster a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Students are offered opportunities at various stages throughout their education to participate in international trips. By immersing themselves in a variety of cultures and new experiences, our girls develop a deep appreciation of the world around them and develop rich international mindedness.

An example of an additional international opportunity includes the French Trip. For those girls studying French in the Senior School there is the opportunity to participate in a language and culture trip to France.  Girls will spend around 4 days in Paris sightseeing, then 13 days in Tours, an hour south-west of Paris on the TGV (France’s high-speed rail service) where they will have a homestay while attending French classes at the Institut de Touraine.  The group will then spend another 3 nights in Paris and then take the Eurostar (high-speed train that crosses the English Channel) to London for a few days sightseeing before flying home.

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