Expressive Arts

Nurturing our performers and artists of the future

The Expressive Arts offer many opportunities to enhance students' creative skills. An extensive extracurricular program includes choirs, orchestras, band, string ensembles, marimba ensemble and bell-ringing. These groups perform regularly both within the School and also within the wider community. Private tuition with expert teachers is offered for a wide variety of instruments and voice. Many students also participate in local Eisteddfods and this is encouraged and supported by the School.

After school classes in drama, art and dance are also available and these offer interested students the chance to extend their creative ability and gain new skills.


As teachers we encourage our students to look and to see the world from new perspectives: to push past just the reiteration of information and focus on how to turn it into understanding and knowledge."
Louise Bloomfield
Head of Expressive Arts Faculty

Drama Classes

Drama classes are offered each term in after school sessions for Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6; and Years 7 to 10. Classes aim to encourage and develop confidence and imaginative release, with an emphasis on teamwork in a safe and creative environment. Emphasis is placed throughout the course on the individual’s responsibility to the group as well as herself.


Students at Collegiate are given the opportunity to sing in choirs from Year 1 at the Anglesea Village. The choirs at Anglesea perform regularly at assemblies, Cathedral services and services at All Saints’ Church. These choirs also perform at Gladwyn Concerts. Each year the musical and drama skills of the Anglesea children are showcased in the production of Anglesea Presents.

In the Middle School, there is a combined Choir from Year 5-8 (Founders Choir). These groups rehearse after school and perform regularly at Gladwyn Concerts and various school activities. This provides sound training for girls moving on to Senior Choir and Collegiate Singers.

Senior Choir is open to all girls in Years 9 to 12 and is the largest choral group in the School. Repertoire ranges from Bach to the Beatles (and into the post 70’s era). This group rehearses twice weekly at lunchtime and is a wonderful opportunity to develop vocal skills in a ’fun’ environment.

Collegiate Singers is the only auditioned choral group in the School. It is a small group, sixteen to twenty voices, and many of its members are studying singing with aspirations of a career in the Performing Arts. The Collegiate Singers perform regularly at concerts, assemblies, church services and community events. They are in great demand in the wider community, having sung at concerts in the Town Hall, St David’s Cathedral, the Atheneum Club, Rotary events, weddings and the ANZAC ceremony in Gallipoli.

Choral Music is definitely one of the highlights of life for a Collegiate student.

Middle School Band

Band is an exciting and vibrant group of musicians performing jazz, rock and other contemporary genres of music. This band caters for players of brass, woodwind, percussion and rhythm section instruments and involves girls from Years 5 to 8. The band rehearses weekly and performs regularly at concerts and other venues.

Many of the girls have lessons on their instrument and it is a prerequisite for the group. All girls who enjoy ensemble playing and their lessons are encouraged to attend.  There are two bands, Concert Band and Symphonic Band.  Concert Band is exclusively a Middle School Band, while Symphonic Band involves a combination of middle and senior girls and is the more advanced of the two.

Senior Orchestra

Senior Orchestra rehearses weekly after school and involves instrumentalists from Years 7-12 who are studying an instrument at a more advanced level. The orchestra represents the school in many ways throughout the year including Speech Night in December.

Senior String Group

These two groups, Senior Wind Ensemble and Senior String Ensemble, are made up of our more advanced senior string players. The group performs regularly for events which range from school activities to weddings.

Middle and Junior String Group

Broughton Strings is a group for mainly Middle School students, which includes some Junior School students as well. This group functions as an extension for those learning strings in the instrumental program who want to experience playing in a performing ensemble. Junior School art classes for students in Years 1 to 4 are offered each term under the direction of our Art Specialist, Mrs Katherine Burke. Classes are held weekly after school in the Art Room (Yarrahapinni) at Anglesea Village.

Junior School Art Classes

Art classes for students in Years 1 to 4 are offered each term under the direction of our Art Specialist, Mrs Katherine Burke. Classes are held weekly after school in the Art Room (Yarrahapinni) at Anglesea Village.

Middle School Art Classes

Art classes for Years 5 to 8 are offered each term under the direction of our Art Specialist Ms Bree Taylor. Classes are held after school from 3.45 pm to 5.45 pm in the Art Studio on the Middle School campus.


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