An outstanding range of cocurricular activities to spark new interests and passions

St Michael's Collegiate cocurricular programs encompass a diverse range of options. Girls are afforded the opportunity to delve deep into their passions and explore new areas that spark their interest. Our programs increase in complexity and variety as girls move from the from Junior School through to the Senior School.

Our cocurricular opportunities cater to the varying interests and talents of all our students.


Sport is an integral part of Collegiate’s education program. We are committed to providing a comprehensive sporting program with a wide range of competitive and non-competitive sporting activities for every level of interest and ability. Read more

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts are a central part of the co-curricular program at St Michael’s Collegiate School. We believe the Arts are a vehicle for self-expression and enhance 21st century skills such as creativity communication and collaboration. Read more


Throughout all areas of the School there are three avenues for musical education - class music, co-curricular music and music extended tuition. Co-curricular and extended tuition programs complement the class based academic programs and are open to all girls.


There are many opportunities in the field of Oratory at Collegiate. Learning how to express yourself verbally and to put your point of view across in a public forum is vitally important, which is why girls at all levels are encouraged to join in debating, public speaking competitions and opportunities to speak in assemblies and as a representative of the School. Read more

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