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Career Service Centre

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Overview and Rationale

The program of Career Services at Collegiate is holistic in its approach and incorporates the following aspects of Career education and pathway planning:

Career exploration
Career information
Career counselling
Subject selection
Career guidance

These services are provided in a variety of ways and settings that include counselling sessions; subject specific learning of potential careers; experiential learning; career information days; production of up to date careers information and guest speakers from educational institutions and employer representatives.

Our premise is based on the knowledge that as adults, our students will need to keep pace with changing technology and industries, be able to seize new employment opportunities and/or be entrepreneurial in creating new business or self-employment ventures.  They will need not only professional or technical skills, but general employability skills and adaptive capacity.

Multiple career changes will mean that students will increasingly need to be able to manage lifelong learning, the ability to make good study and career choices, navigate career changes, and make the best use of their skills and abilities.

Collegiate’s program aims to prepare students to manage these challenges.

The development of each student's capacity to manage a lifetime of learning and work transitions in an uncertain and changing world of work is a central goal of the Collegiate Career Education Program.

Career Readiness in Students

Developing Career Readiness is not merely information collecting.  We want our students to develop the abilities required to make decisions.  The skills and abilities that we focus on include those related to Career Planning, Occupational Information and Employment Preparation.

More specifically these can be broken down into:

Concern about the future world of work;
A sense of control over their vocational future;
Knowledge of themselves and how their skills and attributes apply to the future;
Information-seeking and exploration;
Confidence in being able to make and implement career decisions,

Our program at Collegiate is aligned to the Australian Blue Print for Careers which focuses on the three key areas of:

Personal Management;
Learning and Work Exploration;
Career Building.
The Careers Coordinator works with students, parents and teachers to develop and oversee the delivery of relevant career development programs.



The aim of the Careers Program at Collegiate is to ensure our students are truly "Set for Life”.  The Centre has an open door policy as well as students and parents having the ability to make appointments.  Parents are seen as partners in the career process.  Students are welcome to pop in and seek information or advice any time.

We encourage students to have high expectations of themselves in Senior School Together with teachers and Mentors our aim is to assist students to prepare and plan for their future.  We all work together to help our students succeed not just in academic study but in all aspects of their life.


The Careers Resource Centre

The Careers Resource Centre on the second floor of the Emily Building is designed as a one stop shop to seek information on:

Careers and Occupations
Course Counselling and Subject Selection
University Information and Applications
TCE and TASQ requirements and standards
Consideration for special exam provision
Information on VET (Vocational  Education and Training)
Apply for Work Experience though the ‘Work Experience Works’ Program
Post-Secondary courses at RTO’s such as TAFE, Polytechnic, Skills Tasmania and other private providers
Scholarships and applications
Enrolment Counselling and support for new students
Help with Resumes, job applications and interview skills
Goal Setting, Time Management, Exam Preparation and Study Skills
Transition support
Work References
Job Opportunities (as advertised)
GAP and travel abroad Information on a range of GAP opportunities.

Career Information

Careers information is available in the Careers Resource Centre and the Library in both printed and digital formats.


Careers Testing

Years 8 and 9 - Career Match and MyFuture are the testing resources we use to work with the students.
Years 10 to  12 Careers Fast Track and the Morrisby testing are available.


Transition interviewing occurs at key times throughout the school year.  It occurs for Year 8 into 9, Year 10 into 11 and then Year 12 and beyond.   Students need to manage the transition to work, university or further study as well as independent living.  Transitions occur throughout life and students needs to develop skills that will help them navigate them effectively.


Career Events

Bi annual ‘Take Flight’ Careers Expo (Year 8 to 12)
Bi Annual Parents as Career Partners (Year 8 to 12)
Year 12 What Next
‘How to Study’ session for Year 9, Year 10 and other interested students
University Information Day in Year 9 and Years 11 and 12
Tertiary Information Session for Interstate Universities (Years 11 to 12)
Course information sessions for Years 8 to 12
University Information sessions including accommodation options
Guest Speaker Program (Years 9 to 12)
Targeted Pathway experiences (Year 9 – 12)
Learn to Earn (Year 9)
Try a Skill Program – Year 9
Just Ask – Subject dating (Years 9 to 11)
Career topics are embedded in the students' education from Junior School through to Year 12 and may be flexibly introduced to students through a range of activities.

We constantly examine the aims of the program and how we achieve those so that we continue to meet the changing career development needs of students transitioning into a rapidly changing world of work.


2016 Editions

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The learning environment at Collegiate encourages ambition and provides students with skills and opportunity to achieve their aspirations.

Jenny Moore
Year 12 Student

I have been at Collegiate since Early Learning (15 years), during these years I have grown and developed in a community that has enriched and encouraged me to be my best self, not only in schooling life but the wider community.

Zoe Hansen
Year 12 Student

Collegiate has given me the chance to explore all aspects of my academic, sporting and creative endeavours.

Adelaide Robinson
Head Girl

This trip helped to create and strengthen relationships because you have to work as a team to sail a boat and learn about something that no one had much prior experience with so we were all equal. Also, you are stuck on a boat with the same people for five days in a small space so you learn to make it work and enjoy getting up on deck.


Miranda Bennett

Year 9 camp was a memory and experience that I will never forget, I enjoyed every single moment of it and I am so grateful to get the opportunity to do the activities that I did.

Isabella Collinson

Ever since I arrived at Collegiate the one thing I have appreciated is the unlimited opportunities that are available to me. I have always been grateful for everything Collegiate has provided me with.


Lizzie Stokely
Old Girl

Over the years that I’ve been here the sense of belonging and family has been a constant. Your sense of place is always strong, it’s just a great place to be.

Ali Fisher
Old Girl

I chose an all girls’ school because it develops my confidence.

Rose Wisbey
Old Girl

Every girl deserves a quality education. My school is helping me reach my full potential by challenging me every day.

Olivia White
Year 12 Student

Collegiate doesn’t hand me success, it provides me with opportunity to create my own success.

Ruby Shinkfield
Year 12 Student

When you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.

Jordan Eastway
Old Girl

Not only do I learn more – I am helped to know how to learn

Jessie Horder-Geraghty
Old Girl

Participating in the Oratory program has allowed me to find my voice. It’s an opportunity to express my thoughts and passions – and learn how to express them well.

Jessie Horder-Geraghty
Old Girl