The Collegiate Parents and Friends’ Association

St Michael's Collegiate Parents & Friends' Association provides an important link between parents and the School


Welcome to the Collegiate Parents & Friends' Association (P&F). The Collegiate P&F is actively involved in welcoming and supporting new parents, maintaining an engaged and informed parent community, and proudly promoting Collegiate to the wider community.  The Year Representatives of the Collegiate P&F organise a variety of social gatherings and events across our campuses, creating opportunities for parents to meet on a casual basis and build friendships.

As well as the strong focus on building supportive friendships and networks amongst parents, the Collegiate P&F raises essential funds to support the School.  The major Collegiate P&F events include the gala School Fair, separate gatherings for Mothers and Fathers, a Father/Daughter Walk, Mother/Daughter Bike Ride, and more. These events raise money to help fund a vast array of items and initiatives across the whole School.

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    How can I get involved?

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    P&F Events for 2021


The Collegiate P&F comprises Year Group Representatives from ELC to Year 12, as well as an Executive (President, Treasurer and Secretary).

The President is able to serve a maximum 3-year term. Year Group Representatives typically join the Collegiate P&F at the AGM in early November; however, vacancies can be filled at any time and parents are welcome to indicate their interest at any point in the school year.

The Year Group Representatives also play a key role in liaising with their respective Year groups, together with organising gatherings to create relaxed, enjoyable opportunities for parents to meet on a casual basis and build friendships.

Other elected positions include Event Coordinators (Fair, Quiz Night and Christmas Craft & Food Market etc.).

All Collegiate parents and friends are welcome to attend the monthly meetings to ask questions, contribute to discussions and hear from guest speakers from time to time. The Principal and Deputy Principal usually attend, together with members of staff.

The current President of the Collegiate P&F is Karen Jones. Please direct all enquiries to Karen via

A full list of current P&F Association members, meeting minutes and agendas can be found on myCollegiate.

Executive Committee

President Karen Jones
Vice President Bev Curry
Secretary Claire Reeves
Treasurer Gemma Browning


A selection of recent Collegiate P&F funded projects are listed below.

Collegiate P&F Projects

  • 4 x marquees purchased for sports carnivals and events
  • Padded bench seats and heating for Linmor Hall
  • New water cooler for the Senior common rooms
  • Recovering of furniture in the Senior School
  • Furniture for the EDGE learning room
  • Recycling bins
  • Netballs
  • Bikes for Outdoor Education
  • Prep House Outside area
  • Chairs for Music practice
  • Robotics for the Junior School
  • Middle School Founders' Lounge (2 x couches/ottomans and cushions)
  • Fencing of Ham Common
  • New data projector for the PAC
  • Funding of 'Positive psychology for teaching young people'
  • Storage shed for Collegiate P&F equipment at Ham Common
  • Equipment for the Collegiate Fair & other events e.g. microwaves and milkshake makers

Curriculum Resource Projects

  • Library books
  • Year 5 reading circle novels
  • Middle School science lab equipment
  • Language department digital recorders
  • Sewing machine for Anglesea
  • Set of Bells for Music Department


Ongoing Projects

  • Annual donation for Leavers’ Dinner photos
  • Annual donation for all Houses to thank them for their help at the Fair
  • Annual donation of House badges to all Year 4 students going to Year 5
  • Annual P&F Leadership Award at Speech Night



The Angels are groups of past Collegiate parents who maintain their friendships and social connections with their child's year group and their support of the School. This is done on an informal basis within the relevant leavers' year group.

Named by Sister Jessica to recognise their remarkable contributions to Collegiate. We know that there are many past parents who enjoy catching up and we encourage any interested past parents to become involved.


A place for members of the Collegiate community to buy, sell and exchange goods related to the School.
For example uniforms, textbooks and sporting equipment.

Click the following link to visit the Facebook page.


We have a small number of tents and trestle tables available for hire. Please see the download form below for further details. All queries should be directed here.

General enquiries may be directed to

Collegiate P&F Downloads


Collegiate P&F Position Descriptions

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Collegiate P&F Constitution

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Collegiate P&F Equipment Hire Form

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Meeting Dates

The Collegiate P&F meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month during term time at 7:00pm in Café 1892 on the Senior School campus. All parents are welcome to attend to hear updates about the School; ask questions and share ideas; plus enjoy the opportunity to meet and catch-up with other parents.

The Principal, Dr Adam Forsyth and Deputy Principal, Mrs Deb Williamson attend all Collegiate P&F meetings. If you are unable to attend but would like an idea or issue raised with the parent community, please email the President, Karen Jones (details below).

Wednesday 5 May 

Wednesday 2 June 

Wednesday 4 August 

Wednesday 1 September 

Wednesday 3 November  

Wednesday 1 December

How can I get involved?

All parents are warmly encouraged to contribute to the Collegiate P&F.  Involvement can range from being an active Collegiate P&F member, to assisting with any of the Collegiate P&F events throughout the year.  Parents do not need to be members of the Collegiate P&F to get involved and any assistance, no matter the magnitude, adds to the life of the School and the richness of the Collegiate community.

If time constraints limit your ability to participate in volunteer activities, then your attendance and participation at the various activities arranged by Collegiate P&F during the year are always appreciated.

Answering a periodic ‘Will you help?’ request to volunteer at one of our major events is always welcomed. We generally ask for help in 30-minute time slots and there’s always pack-up after the event!

P&F Events for 2021

Friday 4 June Quiz Night 

Friday 19 March Parents Gathering at the Hanging Garden