The Collegiate Institute

The Collegiate Institute for professional learning promotes excellence and innovation in education

Established in 2000, The Collegiate Institute’s purpose is to promote development, research, training and teacher education for the benefit of students, teachers, and the broader education community through a primary focus of professional learning and curriculum development.

The Institute provides opportunities for the Collegiate staff and others, to further their understanding of educational issues in both an academic and practical context through its extensive connections with partners such as universities, community organisations and philanthropic groups.

This is done through its commitment to fostering teacher professional development and its active interest in global trends in education and learning frameworks for the 21st Century.

Adjunct Associate Professor Julie Rimes, FACE, FACEL, FAICD, Scholar in Residence, collaborates on special projects through the Collegiate Institute. Additionally, teachers are encouraged to make connections with teachers, schools and tertiary institutes to enhance their interest and knowledge of the international learning community.

The Institute also provides consulting services to educational institutions, private industry and government agencies and has been instrumental in a number of projects of national and international significance.

Collegium is the professional development journal of the Collegiate Institute. The latest volume is available for download below.