The Collegiate Parents & Friends’ Association

The Collegiate Parents & Friends' Association provides an important link between parents and the School. Make your contribution in 2018 by becoming a member below.

A key part of the St Michael's Collegiate community are the parents and families of our students.  The Collegiate Parents & Friends Association provides an important link between our parent body and the School.

The Collegiate P&F is actively involved in welcoming and supporting new parents, maintaining an engaged and informed parent community, and proudly promoting Collegiate to the wider community.  The Year Representatives of the Collegiate P&F organise a variety of social gatherings and events across our campuses, creating opportunities for parents to meet on a casual basis and build friendships.

As well as the strong focus on building supportive friendships and networks amongst parents, the Collegiate P&F raises essential funds to support the School.  The major Collegiate P&F events include the gala School Fair, a Quiz Night, separate special nights for Mothers and Fathers, a Father-Daughter-Walk and a Christmas Craft and Food Market.  These events raise many thousands of dollars that fund a vast array of items and initiatives across the whole School.

All parents are warmly encouraged to contribute to the Collegiate P&F.  Involvement can range from being an active Collegiate P&F member, to assisting with any of the Collegiate P&F events throughout the year.  Parents do not need to be members of the Collegiate P&F to get involved and any assistance, no matter the magnitude, adds to the life of the School and the richness of the Collegiate community.

The Collegiate P&F meetings typically occur on the first Monday of each month during term time at 7:00pm in Cananore, 97 Davey Street. All parents are welcome to attend and to share Collegiate news.

Any changes in meeting dates, as well as meeting highlights are communicated in Ancanthe.  The Principal, Mrs Judith Tudball attends all Collegiate P&F meetings. If you are unable to attend but would like an idea or issue raised with the parent community, please email the President, Mrs Gaye Rutherford, here.

The Collegiate P&F itself comprises year group representatives from ELC right through to Year 12, as well as an Executive (President, Treasurer and Secretary).  The President is able to serve a maximum 3 year term. Representatives typically join the Collegiate P&F at the AGM in early November, however vacancies can be filled at any time and parents are welcome to indicate their interest to join at any time of the School year.

Other elected positions include Year Representatives and Event Co-ordinators [Fair, Quiz Night and Christmas Craft & Food Market], as well as a Web Page Manager and an Asset Manager. A list of 2017 committee members and year group representatives is provided below.

If time constraints limit your ability to participate in volunteer activities then your attendance and participation at the various activities arranged Collegiate P&F during the year will be a valued contribution. Answering a periodic ‘Will you help?’ request to volunteer at one of our major events will always be welcomed. We generally ask for help in 30 minute time-slots, and there’s always pack-up after the event!

Collegiate P&F Committee - Nominations  for 2018

The Collegiate Parents and Friends’ Association are seeking parents, guardians and friends of Collegiate who share a passion for the School and love to contribute. Nominations for the 2018 committee are now open for all Executive positions. These are:

- President
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Secretary

Event Coordinators and year group representatives are also required.

If your family has not participated before, please consider nominating a representative for just one year – it makes a huge difference to the School.

Nominations for the above positions will be held during the Annual General Meeting (see event details below). If you are unable to attend, but would like to nominate a candidate, please complete the 2018 Committee Nominations Form before Monday 13 November and email a copy to President, Gaye Rutherford, via


Collegiate P&F - AGM

The Collegiate Parents and Friends’ Association warmly invite you to their upcoming AGM.

Date: Monday 13 November
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Cananore, Senior School Campus

Nominations for the 2018 committee will be held during this meeting. For more information, please contact President, Gaye Rutherford, via


Collegiate P&F Committee 2017

Gaye Rutherford
ph: 0409 149 247
e: or

Vice President
Bianca Shannon
ph: 0410 450 094

Yasmin van Tienen
Ph: 0410 687 784
(Abigail and Olivia)


Fair Co-ordinator 2017
Rachael Johnston
ph: 0407 285 472
(Kate and Olivia)

Father-Daughter Walk Co-ordinator
Brett Harris
Ph: 0417 136 482

Mothers’ Night Co-ordinators
Kristine Carr
ph: 0405 515 469

Father-Daughter Night Co-ordinator
Brett Harris
Ph: 0417 136 482

Quiz Night Co-ordinator
Stacey Abel
Ph: 0432 301 556

Web Manager / Graphic Designer 
Wendy Polzin
ph: 0428 339 400

Year Representatives

Julia Fisher
ph: 0429 857 846

Annette Heath
ph: 0438 428 638
(Alannah and Rhiannon)

Year 1
Janet Manley
ph: 0400 038 504
(Evie and Tommie)

Year 2
Sophie Burbury
ph: 0438 988 035

Georgia Burbury
ph: 0438 533 134

Year 3
Bianca Shannon
ph: 0410 450 094
(Stephanie and Caroline)

Gaye Rutherford
ph: 0409 149 247
e: or

Year 4
Jane Pederson
ph: 0409 235 073

Kristine Mackie
ph: 0408 052 168

Kristine Carr
ph: 0405 515 469

Year 6
Rachael Johnston
ph: 0407 285 472
(Olivia and Kate)

Year 7
Andrew Manley
ph: 0414 737 760
(Evie and Tommie)

Year 8
Stacey Abel
ph: 0432 301 556
(Georgia and Sophie)

Year 9
Janelle Newton
ph: 0419 533 035
(Tayla and Lucy)

Year 10
Caroline Bignell
ph: 0407 107 455

Amanda Phair
ph: 0417 507 787

Year 11
Susan Miles
ph: 0419 536 067

Year 12
Amanda Jackson
ph: 0409 537 657

Our Contribution

A selection of Collegiate P&F funded projects are listed below.

Collegiate P&F Projects:

  • Tents purchased
  • Storage Shed for Collegiate P&F equipment at Ham Common
  • Equipment for Fair & other events eg microwaves, milk shake makers

School Facility Rejuvenation Projects:

  • New Senior School lockers
  • Donation to Kate Butterly Memorial Sculpture
  • New sandpit for Anglesea
  • Heating for Linmor Hall
  • Middle School playground equipment
  • New stoves for the Home Economics Kitchen
  • $30,000 donation towards the Student Centre Capital Appeal
  • Lighting for Anglesea Oval and Ham Common
  • ELC donation

Curriculum Resource Projects:

  • Library books
  • Year 5 reading circle novels
  • Middle School science lab equipment
  • Language department digital recorders
  • Sewing machine for Anglesea
  • Set of Bells for Music Department

Ongoing Projects:

  • Annual donation for Leavers’ Dinner photos
  • Annual donation for all Houses to thank them for their help at the Fair
  • Annual donation of House badges to all Year 4 students going to Year 5
  • Annual CPA Leadership Award at Speech Night

The Angels

The Angels are groups of past Collegiate parents who maintain their friendships and their support of the School.

Named by Sister Jessica to recognise their remarkable contributions to the School, each year the Angels fund prizes presented at Speech Night. We know that there are many past parents who enjoy catching up, and we encourage any interested past parents to become involved. For further details contact


Ongoing fundraising initiatives of the Collegiate P&F include:


No more lost property! The Collegiate Parents & Friends Association is promoting an ongoing fundraiser with IdentiKid.

Identikid has a fabulous selection personalised name labels, tags and more…

This fundraiser will be continuous, so that each time new labels, lunch boxes etc are required, all you need to do is to log on to the IdentiKid website, place your order & remember to enter the Collegiate code 1195. The CPA will receive 15% of all orders placed.
Collegiate code 1195

Collegiate Buy and Sell Facebook page

A place for members of the Collegiate community to buy, sell and exchange information.

Visit the Collegiate Buy and Sell Facebook page here.

Collegiate P&F Equipment Hire

We have a small number of tents and trestle tables available for hire. Please see the download below for further details. Any queries can be directed here.

All CPA general enquiries may be directed to


Collegiate P&F Downloads


Collegiate P&F Position Descriptions

Download PDF 174.69 kb

Collegiate P&F Constitution

Download PDF 164.40 kb

Collegiate P&F Equipment Hire Form

Download PDF 75.89 kb