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The Collegiate Old Girls’ Association (COGA) connects thousands of Collegiate women around the state, the country and the globe

About Collegiate Old Girls' Association


Reflect   Revisit   Rediscover   Rekindle   Relive   Reunite

Formed in 1927, COGA was established to foster a sense of community among Collegiate’s former students and to assist them to maintain life-long contact with each other and with the School.

Over our century and a quarter history many thousands of girls have been through our doors. As a School, we are very proud of their ideas, passion and achievements. They have followed a great variety of paths in their lives and they are people who have helped shape the communities in which they now live. They are Olympians, Rhodes Scholars, familiar faces on TV and scientists making ground-breaking advances. They are nurses and teachers, mothers and carers.  We celebrate them for making a difference and for inspiring future generations to do the same.

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NEWS and keeping in touch

Collegiate is proud of the many and varied achievements of its past students.  Please keep us updated with your news such as family news, education, travel and special achievements for publication in Reflections. This information can be sent via the details below in the key contact section. Don’t forget to update us with any changes to your mailing address or contact details too!

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Reflections is distributed to Collegiate’s vast network of Old Girls – celebrating their achievements and keeping them informed of School news.

Reflections is emailed to our alumni and also made available to the wider Collegiate community online.

You can view the latest editions of Reflections here:

Reflections of a term - Term 1 2019

Reflections of a term - Term 2 2019

Reflections of term - Term 3 2019

If you would prefer to receive Reflections electronically, or would like to update your mailing details, please contact


The COGA Committee is an important networking, event organising and fundraising group that meets monthly in Cananore on the Senior School campus. All Old Girls are welcome to attend meetings.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact the President, Kathryn Koay, via and complete the COGA Committee Nomination Form

COGA Committee members

President: Kathryn Koay (’83)
Vice President: Annette Bills (’64)
Secretary: Anita Nandan ('01)
Treasurer: Sally Austin ('77)

Keir Steedman (’65)
Jeannette Steedman-Cross (’88)
Delia Leitch (’71)
Emily Braithwaite (’12)
Bonnie Jones (’06)
Caitlin Perry (’09)
Dr Adam Forsyth (Principal)


Each year COGA organises a number of events to which Old Girls are warmly invited.

Old Girls are invited to participate in the Chapel Flower Roster.  Please contact Keir Steedman at if you would like to assist. Keir is also able to assist if you wish to order a Collegiate Pride rose. Rose vases, cards and other gifts are available at the Collegiate School Shop.


COGA raises funds for specific School projects each year. This is achieved principally from the operation of the Performing Arts Centre kiosk. Volunteers to work in the PAC kiosk are always welcome.  Please contact Anita Nandan at if you are interested.

Tremayne Club

The Tremayne Club is a very special group of Old Girls who left Collegiate fifty or more years ago.

Meeting regularly throughout the year, the Tremayne Club gives members the opportunity to catch up with old school friends in welcoming, comfortable and cheerful surroundings. Members of the Tremayne Club are invited to Collegiate throughout the year for a series of special activities such as meetings with the Principal, luncheons and special St Michael’s and Founders' Day celebrations. The Tremayne Club is also involved in important school events and celebrations.

The leader of the Tremayne Club is Mrs Diane Palmer (Gordon, 1955), assisted by Mrs Rosanne McDougall (Morrisby, 1953).

The Tremayne Collection

The Tremayne Collection is a gift to the School from the Tremayne Club. Each year, an artwork created by a Year 11 or 12 student is selected. The artist receives the Tremayne Prize at Speech Night and, in turn, the work is given to the School where it is hung or placed for all to appreciate.

The Tremayne Collection is now available to view online. Phase 1 of this collection features works from 2000 to 2017. Phase 2, showcasing artworks from 1987 to 1999, will be available shortly.

View The 'Tremayne Collection'

Key Contact

You can contact us via email or on (03) 6211 4911 to update your contact details, for further information on upcoming reunions and events, or for details on how to join the Tremayne Club.

Please keep us updated with your news, including family news, education, travel and special achievements. We would love to share these via Reflections and our social media platforms.

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