The Collegiate Foundation

The Collegiate Foundation creates and maintains lasting friendships with people who
understand and respect the core values and the rich heritage of our School.

The Collegiate Foundation’s purpose is to create and maintain lasting friendships with people who understand and respect the core values and the rich heritage of our School. Through the links we forge and the funds we raise, we are able to help Collegiate establish scholarships, build new facilities and further enhance the educational excellence that our School has provided for generations of students.

The Foundation is aptly named, because our aim is to add support and strength, today and for years to come – and to be, like all foundations, a firm base for the School we love.

The Collegiate Foundation was established by the School Board in 1984 and is governed by a Deed of Settlement through a board of volunteer trustees.

For more information on the Foundation and its activities please contact our Head of Marketing and Communications, Mrs Amanda Mackinnon.


Mr Vincent Goldsmith – Chair

Mr Marcus Allan – Deputy Chair

Mrs Stacey Abel

Mrs Liz Gillam

Ms Beth Mathison

Mr Robert Miller

Mr Tim Rutherford

Ex Officio:

Principal – Mrs Judith Tudball

Secretary – Mr Fergus Leicester


Donations through the Annual Appeal make a tangible difference to our School. The Emily Centre, the McNeill Performing Arts Centre, and the Darcey Garden in Middle School are just a few examples.

Each year the Annual Appeal raises funds for a specific project.


While the School receives funding from parents and government for its ‘core’ business, the Foundation assists by providing extras such as:

  • Scholarships to help girls attend Collegiate who would otherwise be unable to do so
  • Upgrading facilities to ensure a state of the art learning environment
  • Improving playgrounds and gardens
  • Supporting the acquisition of library books, works of art and educational equipment


The Collegiate Foundation has a mix of fundraising programs:

  • Annual Giving – Foundation Supporters program
  • Annual Appeals – for specific projects
  • Bequests
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Events
  • Major Gifts


These programs support a number of funds (* denotes a tax deductible fund):

  • Building Fund*
  • Endowment Fund
  • Library Fund*
  • Scholarship Fund*


Donations may be targeted to specific projects or given to our endowment fund to grow for the long-term support for the School.



Individuals and organisations are invited to become supporters of the Foundation.

Foundation Supporters pledge to make an annual donation. As a Foundation Supporter you will receive invitations to exclusive functions and performances. At the end of each year Foundation Supporters are invited by the Principal to her home for a casual cocktail evening to thank you for your support.

Individuals / families

Make a gift of $100 or more per year – we encourage donors to make electronic monthly payments of $12 or annual payments of $150.


Make a gift of $300 or more per year.

Please view the pledge forms in the downloads section below.


A bequest is a gift to the School left in your Will.

Including the School in your Will is a wonderful way to support future generations of students. For example, you can assist children who could not otherwise attend the School.

A bequest can include:

  • Cash
  • A percentage of your estate
  • Life assurance policies
  • Works of art
  • Real estate
  • Other realisable assets


It can be bequested as a memorial, or a way of remembering people into the future, for example The Ruth McPhee Memorial Prize.

For a recommended form of bequest for you to discuss with your solicitor, please see below.


Foundation Supporters Pledge Form Individual

Download PDF 285.15 kb

Foundation Supporters Pledge Form Corporate

Download PDF 145.43 kb

The Collegiate Foundation Bequest Form

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