Global Online Academy (GOA)

GOA is an online subject that connects students around the globe to explore topics they are passionate about.  Building global networks helps build bridges, share ideas, and foster global citizenship.  Meet two of our Year 10 students who have completed GOA courses in 2022.

One of the students talks about the Catalyst Project, this is where a student can extend their knowledge and skills independently, based on their initial subject matter.

In GOA, students are expected to learn how to use technology, to make global connections, and to develop useful skills they might not exercise as often in their on-campus school setting.  The courses are dynamic, rigorous, and fun and are offered to the Year 9/10 students through their elective subjects.  It is a challenging subject area, and one that requires students to be focused, engaged, dedicated and passionate.  For further information, please speak with Mrs Linda Bonnitcha, GOA Site Director at Collegiate.

Meet Rachel

One of our Year 10 students who talks about her experiences studying GOA in 2022.

Meet India

One of our Year 10 students who studied a GOA Social Psychology course and went on to complete a Catalyst Project in 2022.  She talks about the Catalyst Project.