Each St Michael's Collegiate School policy communicates and supports our school values, guiding principles, strategic goals and ongoing commitment to growth, further development, legislative compliance and the strengthening of our governance and leadership.

Our policies are developed by our Senior Management team in collaboration with the School's Board of Management and reviewed on a regular basis.

Please view the St Michael's Collegiate School policy document below.  If you have a query regarding a policy, please contact a member of our staff.


HR13a St Michael's Collegiate Safeguarding Students and Children Statement

Download PDF 174.89 kb

Issue Resolution Policy

Download PDF 261.90 kb

Complaints and Appeals

Download PDF 281.93 kb

Application of Workplace Behaviours Policies and Procedures

Download PDF 247.36 kb

Positive Community Relationships - Parents' Code

Download PDF 296.22 kb

Refund Policy

Download PDF 48.96 kb

Privacy Policy

Download PDF 158.71 kb

Issue Resolution Procedure

Download PDF 280.00 kb

Middle School Anaphylaxis Policy

Download PDF 316.99 kb

Senior School Anaphylaxis Policy

Download PDF 304.53 kb

Junior School Anaphylaxis Policy

Download PDF 308.87 kb

Asthma Policy

Download PDF 472.64 kb

To view our Early Learning policies, please visit the Early Learning webpage via this link.