125th Anniversary

A Special Celebration

1892 - 2017

In 2017, St Michael's Collegiate is proud to be celebrating 125 years of exceptional education for girls.

Since 1892, Collegiate has continued its distinguished contribution to girl’s education by remaining true to the heritage of our founding Sisters. Their traditions and values continue to inspire and guide the workings of the School today. We are a close-knit community and proud of our heritage.


A glimpse into the past

We invite you to take a wander back through time and explore the events that have shaped Collegiate. Our timeline provides a glimpse into the past and into the generations of students and staff that have come before us.

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Inspiration for the future

For well over a century, many thousands of girls have been educated at Collegiate. They have helped shape our global community and many continue to make remarkable contributions across numerous fields of endeavor. In this, our 125th year, we celebrate them for making a difference and for inspiring future generations to do the same.

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Celebrate with us!

A number of special events have been held throughout 2017 to mark Collegiate's 125th anniversary. Official events have now concluded, however some individual year groups still have reunions planned for late 2017.

All enquiries relating to the 125th anniversary and associated celebrations may be directed to Collegiate’s Events and Alumni Coordinator, Mrs Rachael Johnston, via 03 6211 4403 or rachael.johnston@collegiate.tas.edu.au


A Special Anniversary Message

On the eve of the School's 125th Anniversary at age 102 years, Sister Dorothea (Principal of Collegiate from 1953 - 1955) recorded a touching message for the Collegiate community.